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News & Highlights

  • Dr. Grant Dorsey receives a 2015 Clinical Research Mentorships (CRM) grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
    This competitive award program supports the development of a mentoring relationship between a medical student interested in becoming a future researcher, and a clinical scientist previously funded through the foundation.   Read more »
  • Dr. Jennifer Babik is awarded the 2015 Vince Pons Award for Teaching in Clinical Infectious Diseases
    Vince Pons was the first Infectious Disease physician at UCSF, having established his private practice in 1979 and contributed to developing clinical infectious diseases at UCSF. To recognize the seminal role he played in developing the infectious disease service, The Vincent G. Pons Award in Clinical Infectious Diseases was established in 1998 to recognize those individuals who exemplify his commitment to clinical infectious diseases and teaching.
  • Dr. Joanne Engel finishes her fourth AIDS/Lifecycle (ALC)

    Dr. Joanne Engel, Chief of the ID division, recently completed her fourth AIDS/Lifecycle (ALC), a fundraising event in which bicyclists ride 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money to provide free health service to individuals living with HIV. This year, the ride raised over 16.3 million dollars. Dr. Engel, together with her spouse Dr. Ellen Haller (also a UCSF faculty member), were invited by Neil Guiliano, the CEO of the San Francisco Aids Foundation, to speak before the 3000 participants to explain their reason for participating in the ALC.

    Noted Engel, “The AIDS epidemic has framed my medical training; as a 3rd year student in 1981 at Stanford, I remember caring for my first patient with HIV. We called it Gay Bowel Disease. He died. I remember housekeepers who, through ignorance, were scared to empty the trash or clean the rooms of patients whose door carried a sign of "caution, HIV". We emptied the trash for them. As an Infectious Disease fellow, I worked at Ward 86, the first HIV clinic in the US. These patients were a bit luckier—they were amongst the first to receive AZT, then an experimental drug.

    In 2010, I traded out my 55 year old knee for a better functioning titanium one and I replaced out my 20 year old bike with a new carbon one. My local bike shop suggested I should ride ALC. I thought “me? I can’t ride 7 days in row”. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be doing it for a FOURTH year in a row or that I would have raised almost $40,000 for this important cause. Why do I do it? Because I am an Infectious Disease Physician who cares deeply about the AIDS epidemic. Because, I’ve gained an entirely new perspective from the ALC, from each of you, about what it means to be touched or living with HIV. And because I LOVE to bike."

Our Mission

Curing and healing ailments, innovative research advances in the treatment of diseases, and educating the next generation of infectious diseases professionals is our specialty.


ID Conference
Trihospital Conference – Oliver Medzihradsky and Conan Macdougall
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ID Core Curriculum
Core Curriculum
3:30-4:30PM – Richard Jacobs presenting “Surgical and Prosthetic Joint Infections”
4:30-5:30PM – Kathy Yang presenting “PK/PD”
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ID Conference
ID Conference
Stump the Chumps
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